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How would you like to spend next season skiing or riding in the most technical, durable outerwear available? Now is your chance! For a limited time, we are accepting applications for our ski and snowboard Test Pilot Program. This means that the exceptional candidates we select will earn a 50% discount to test our new collection of products.

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What We Do

We have been designing gear that thrives where you feel most at home, in the cold and the wilderness, for a long time. With our new outerwear line being our best yet, we’ve decided now is the time to properly introduce our products to skiers and snowboarders. From the backcountry to the urban scene, TOBE will outperform any gear you’ve ever worn and you’ll never look back.



We’re looking for new members to join our tribe and represent TOBE all around the world. Could you be one of us? Send us your application and, if you’ve got what it takes, you'll get the best gear you will ever own at 50% off.


The Gear

Decisions, decisions.
Have a look at our new collection and then let us know about your dream gear in the application below.


Now is your chance to impress. Fill out the application below for your chance to join the Test Pilot Program and earn gear discounts, special event access and more. Don’t wait, fill in the application today.