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Where my family is from, near the Arctic Circle in Northern Sweden, winter is a way of life. It’s cold and snowy nearly 8 months of the year, but this doesn’t stop our family, or any others in our community for that matter, from spending the winter outdoors together.

We would like to invite your family to experience winter just as our does: warm, safe, dry and comfortable.

For a limited time, we are accepting applications from families that live and breathe the outdoors together. Selected families will become part of our Test Family Program and receive the opportunity to pre-order our new collection of kid’s gear at a special price.

- Tomas B. – TOBE Founder and father of Nils and Ida

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Our Philosophy

We design apparel that thrives in the harshest winter conditions, and we don’t take shortcuts when it comes to our kid’s line. Our children’s gear uses the same materials and technologies as the products we make for adults because we understand it’s the little ones who demand the most from their winter wear.

For this reason, our Novus collection of shell-style jackets, bibs and mono suits utilize the Sympatex® 45,000mm membrane, Armortex® Kevlar® fabrics on high wear areas and double stitching for added durability throughout. These materials make our kid’s gear 100% windproof, 100% waterproof, breathable and incredibly durable.

Although the Novus collection may seem lightweight, we recommend it for any winter conditions; especially when paired with proper layering. Our merino wool kid’s base layers and mid layers work together with the outerwear to provide maximum protection from the elements, allowing kids to play all day.


Here’s what people are saying

"…my son wore his new Novus Mono Suit while enjoying a wide variety of winter sports over the past month. He also wore it in temperatures ranging from 2 degrees Celsius down to -30 degrees Celsius (-22F – 36F) …I'm not carrying spare ski pants and coats for that moment when I realize my child is soaking wet. And I don't have to with the TOBE suit because it is 100% water proof, wind proof, and indestructible. The elements don't stand a chance against my son in this suit."

- Tanya Koob, Family Adventures in the Canadian Rockies blog
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"Every part of TOBE Outerwear’s mono suit from the removable hood to the elastic boot straps is well thought out and of high quality. I’m stoked to take my kids out skiing in these! There will never be complaints about being cold again."

- Susan Strayer, Mountain Mom and Tots blog
"THE warmest snowsuits my kids have worn. TOBE makes gear for snowmobilers also and it’s obvious they know how to keep bodies warm. They are also extremely durable and will last forever. This is what you need if you are outside in cold weather all day long. "

- Amelia Mayer, Tales of a Mountain Mama blog

The Gear

Decisions, decisions.
Have a look at our new collection and then let us know about your dream gear in the application below.


Now is your chance to impress. Fill out the application below for your chance to join the Test Pilot Program and earn gear discounts, special event access and more. Don’t wait, fill in the application today.